Friday, November 11, 2016

Niagara Sonnet Ten

Soldier-like, bravest man a rising moon
backs to earththere is a warthey'd open
their eyes, if on their eyes they could depend,
before all loyal sons lie in their tombs.
Hills, look to the hillswho'll join me, not one?
No longer have I a friend to think of,
all my patriot friends are fallen doves.
No one thinks better than of his own son,
a mother's tear would not forget this morn
for here I stand, a lonely soldier last.
Fly from me enemy! Fly from my past!
I have courage for war until I'm torn,
and it is fully time, fly from me then.
Undeceive thyself from my contagion.

Emily Isaacson with Victor Hugo (on Remembrance Day)